Avoiding a negative reaction – Part Two

In the recent Part One post, I included a tip on how to avoid an initial negative reaction to someone’s idea or suggestion when it differs from your own. It came from Paul Hellman’s fascinating book, ‘You’ve got 8 seconds’.

Here’s another, this time from UK communication specialist Andy Bounds in his strangely titled book, The Jelly Effect: How to make your communication stick.

“When responding to one of Walt Disney’s ideas, you had to say ‘Yes if’ rather than ‘No because’.

“Think of the difference this make to the proposer of the idea and to your own thinking process.

“In one way you’ve only changed two words, but in another you’ve changed everything.”

Think about this simple yet profound tip… and ask yourself, “How can I apply it?”

And then practise, practise. That’s how you develop a successful new habit.

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