Where you ask affects your success

In our language, we tend to associate height with good.

Heaven is above us, Hell is somewhere below us. God appears on a mountain, not in a valley or a well. You look up to someone you admire and look down on someone undesirable.

How does this influence our customer’s perception of us and what we have to offer?

A study by a researcher at the University of North Carolina looked at how the physical position of subjects changed the probability they would engage in prosocial acts, that is, do good things.

One experiment involved asking mall shoppers for a charitable contribution immediately after they had gone up an escalator. They found that 16% of the people going up contributed, more than twice the 7% contributed by subjects going down. A control group of shoppers walking on ground level not near any escalators contributed at an 11% rating.”

The lesson from this is that where we ask matters. Think about your own work situations. How might this apply in your customer interactions?

Source: Roger Dooley author of Brainfluence: 100 Ways to Persuade and Convince Consumers with Neuromarketing – a practical guide to how the brain works and how that relates to everyday marketing ideas’.

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