Are Your Competitors Discounting?

Have you ever felt forced into discounting because your competitors have started a price war?

Maybe there’s another way.  Consider this wonderful example from Jeff Slutsky from his book, 'Streetfighter Marketing'. It’s an old one so I’ve adjusted the prices to suit.

It’s about a men’s hairdressing salon.  This men’s hairdressers had a good reputation, good quality and provided $29 haircuts.

Across the street from his salon a new shopping centre is built and in it comes a men’s barbers from a chain of stores - Fantastic Sam’s Discount Hairdressing Franchise.  They are famous for their cheap haircuts.  Not only do they take prime position in the busy new shopping centre but they also buy space on the huge billboard just outside the main traffic area beside the shopping centre and the billboard has a blue background and white letters that stand out.  These large white letters say …


So what are they going to do?  How do they compete?  They start to lose business as everyone goes over to try Sam’s to see what their $15 haircuts are like.  Drastic action is needed.  Should they price cut?

Well … they decided not to price cut.  Instead they bought the billboard on their side of the highway and again they took out an advert very similar... blue background, large white lettering … nothing else.  On it the white lettering said …


It reminds me of the story about a plumber who educates his clients by saying:

“I do three types of work – cheap, quick and good.  You can have any two:

  • A good quick job, but it won’t be cheap.
  • A good job cheap, but it won’t be quick.
  • A cheap job quick, but it won’t be good!”


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