Christmas – The November Question

By now you should be asking the November question, “Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?”

Yes, I know that the reaction may well be a groan or a comment like “I don’t even want to think about it”. Great! This allows you to respond with “Sounds like you’ve got some people that are difficult to buy for?”

Now, you can go on to be a problem solver.

And if you help them to find a suitable gift not only will you have created a sale, they will feel fantastic. I’m sure you’ve experienced that feeling of euphoria followed by relief when you find the right card or gift for a friend or loved one. You can help your customers feel the same way.

Even if you can’t match your merchandise to the needs of your customers you can at least help them to think through their gift buying dilemma and narrow down the options.

If they have started their Christmas shopping, congratulate them, pause then ask, “Any difficult people still to buy for?” Then follow the same problem solving process as above.

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