Angie Clucas – A lesson in rising above life’s challenges

I have the privilege of working with some amazing people in my role. It seems that the ones who strive to develop a consistently superb experience for their customers are more open to learning and to finding ways to overcome difficulties.

One such person is Angie Clucas, manager of Darwin’s Aviation Museum. Angie is part of our 10 month Terrific Tourism Business Development Program run on behalf of the NT Business Enterprise Centre. She started as the cleaner and worked her way up to manager. And up is the only way for Angie because she is tiny in stature but has a big heart and an amazing spirit.

Angie’s passion in life is to help people grow in confidence so that they can reach their full potential regardless of their circumstance. She’s a living example of how you can overcome the odds and achieve whatever you set your mind to. Have a look at this 6-minute video about Angie’s story and you will see what I mean.

Angie Clucas – her story

Angie is featured in a new book ‘Resilience - Building a powerful mindset’. I just purchased my copy at

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