And the top Christmas commercials for 2018 were…

When it comes to Christmas I reckon you can’t go past the Brits for excellent commercials. Here’s my pick of the top ones from 2018. Rather than including individual links you will find them all plus a few others I didn’t rate in Brandwatch’s 2018 Christmas Commercials Report.

I like a commercial that sells (subtly) as well as entertains. Tesco achieves this with What (from Tesco) makes a perfect Christmas as does Marks and Spencer focusing on their strengths – food quality and variety and Waitrose with a clever commercial fast forwarding to the tasty goodies.

I’m a sucker for sentimentality and Boots did this well while promoting their Christmas gifts. In complete contrast, the strangely named supermarket retailer Iceland focusses on an incredibly strong environmental message. Congratulations to them on a winning message for the planet though I’m not sure that it will help their sales.

My winner though is the ‘some gifts are more than just a gift’ extravaganza from John Lewis. It has been criticised for the sheer expense of the production including the ludicrous amount of money paid to Elton John. This is in total contrast to a Christmas video made for just £50 – back in 2014 – that went viral this Christmas.

The UK’s Independent newspaper reported that many say that the film’s creator should be hired by John Lewis to direct their next Christmas campaign. It depicts a man patiently waiting for Christmas so that he can open a special gift from a loved one.

When Christmas finally arrives, the man opens up a cassette box at his kitchen table and takes out one of the tapes inside. In a heartbreaking moment, viewers learn that the tape was left to him by his late mother, who recorded several tapes for him to listen to, one each year on Christmas, following her death. Check out Love is a gift.

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