Acronyms with meaning

I’m not that taken with organisations forever coming up with acronyms to make their message, activities or purpose more meaningful. Occasionally though I come across ones that I find to be useful memory keys. Here are a couple from recent conferences I’ve been involved in.

The tourism sector refer to MICE in the business segment of their market. This stands for:





Then at the Museums conference they talked about being the GLAM sector which stands for:





I’d prefer it if the ‘A’ stood for ‘Attractions’. I think if galleries, libraries and museums, thought of themselves as being linked to attractions they would have a different mindset towards customers. This would take them beyond being custodians of the past, protectors of valuable art and artefacts and educators.

This is something that both Justin Growick and Tony Butler reinforced at the conference which I mentioned in the ‘How we impart information and engage with customers – Lessons from Museums’ post. To quote Tony Butler, “Museums have little to sell but understanding and enjoyment.”

When we think about things differently we have the potential to engage with people in different ways and getting a dramatically different result. Relate this to your experiences with the GLAM sector then turn the spotlight to the sector you operate in.

What insights does this offer?

What opportunities does it create?

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