A lesson for my granddaughter

Earlier this year one of my granddaughters who is in Year 7 at school, was talking about a boy in her year that she said was a bit weird and was teased by some of her class mates. It turns out that he is far smaller than the other children, a midget, and has trouble fitting in.

I’ve explained to her some of the challenges that Angie Clucas, who was featured in the recent 'A lesson in rising above life's challenges' post, faced at school. It’s a message I’ve asked my granddaughter to share with her friends. In fact, it’s a message that I feel should be shared with children, parents and teachers everywhere.

In case you missed it last month, here is the clip to the 6-minute video documentary. It’s a powerful story.

Angie Clucas – her story

If you are as moved as I am with Angie’s resilience and determination, please share this video clip with others and raise awareness of the lessons that can be learned from Angie’s story.

Angie is featured in a new book ‘Resilience - Building a powerful mindset’ available at www.angieclucas.com

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