Love your work, love your customers and love checking out this website

At Terrific Trading, we’ve been passionate about helping customer focussed organisations and the people working in them get better results without working harder or longer. Not just from a gross profit and sales perspective but also making sure it is an enjoyable, uplifting experience for your customers and co-workers - your internal customers.

I believe you should enjoy your work every day and that’s certainly something I’ve done at Terrific Trading over the last 27 years (since September 1992).

There comes a time when I have to be aware that nothing lasts for ever. While I love what we do at Terrific Trading, I also love spending time and sharing experiences with my wife Gwen. As a result, with the benefit of 2020 vision (boom-boom), I’m going to stroll off into the sunset and enjoy other experiences. So, my time at Terrific Trading is coming to an end and this website will soon disappear.

I’m delighted to report that all the services that you have enjoyed from Terrific Trading will continue to be available to you through my colleague Jan Collins and her team at JGC Group.

Here’s a reminder of Jan’s amazing skills set.

And you never know, Jan may be able to persuade me to get involved in the occasional project.

Kind Regards,

Jurek Leon
Director of Curiosity
Terrific Trading


Watch Your Language!

Here in Australia we follow Australian English conventions, so some of the spelling may look a little strange to our North American readers. For example, organisation and apologise with an ‘s’ and favourite and colour with a ‘u’ .

Now, I must admit I have succumbed to spelling program the American way, rather than programme the proper way! But that’s the exception rather than the rule on this site.


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