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At Terrific Trading, we are passionate about helping customer focussed organisations and the people working in them get better results without working harder or longer. Not just from a gross profit and sales perspective but also making sure it is an enjoyable, uplifting experience for your customers and co-workers - your internal customers.

We believe you should enjoy your work every day. If you are good at what you do, you will enjoy it more. And that’s where we can help with a free newsletter, free articles to pass onto and discuss with your team, support resources which can be ordered from this website, and specially designed training courses, seminars and conference presentations.

Our hope is that your visit to this site will help you to access ideas, information and resources that can make a difference to you and your business.... and that you book us for your next conference or customer focussed training program.
Kind Regards,

Jurek Leon
Director of Curiosity
Terrific Trading

Our Disclaimer.... with a difference

I’ve noticed that these days most consultancy businesses seem to have a disclaimer. I presume it’s to keep their insurers happy and to give them an escape route in case anyone tries to sue them. I wonder why they call it sue? Why not Kylie or Elle? I’d far rather be kylied than sued!

Anyway, I’ve come up with a disclaimer for Terrific Trading. Here it is. Polish your glasses and read the small print:

The information provided is of a general nature and may not suit every situation. While every care has been taken to ensure it is useful and appropriate, no responsibility is taken for any problems it may cause you or your organisation. In fact, if it doesn’t work, you are totally to blame and we deny ever saying it, writing it, placing it on our web site or sending it to you.
If on the other hand, this information results in beneficial effects for you or your organisation, we are totally responsible and accept all credit due, plus some. In these cases, you should direct all compliments, gifts, awards, rewards and donations to Jurek Leon at Terrific Trading.


Watch Your Language!

Here in Australia we follow Australian English conventions, so some of the spelling may look a little strange to our North American readers. For example, organisation and apologise with an ‘s’ and favourite and colour with a ‘u’ .

Now, I must admit I have succumbed to spelling program the American way, rather than programme the proper way! But that’s the exception rather than the rule on this site.


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